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Moving from Outlook

The Computer Center will set up your new Gmail account and direct all new incoming mail to your new address, but you will need to upload any existing email, contacts or calendar items from your Exchange account that you wish to keep.  We recommend that you clean out your existing mailbox and empty your deleted items prior to uploading any items from your mailbox to make the upload quicker. 

For Outlook users, using the Google Apps Sync tool is the easiest way to upload your mail, calendar, contacts and personal folders.  Google Apps Sync will work with the most current version of either Outlook 2003 or Outlook 2007.  Although we recommend using it to initially upload your old mailbox to Gmail using this tool, we recommend using the web interface for daily email access.

Uploading Email, Contacts, Calendar & Personal Folders using Google Apps Sync

Alternatives to Google Apps Sync:

If you do not want to use the Google Apps Sync or you only want to move either your Contacts or Calendar, you can do that by manually exporting them from Outlook and importing into Gmail with the following options:

Uploading Calendar Items from Outlook 2007 using iCalendar Export

Uploading Calendar Items from Outlook 2003 using CSV Export

Uploading Contacts from Outlook using CSV Export

Uploading Mail, Contacts & Personal Folders using Google Uploader-- does not upload calendar