Helper Applications

Here are some applications that help you get all you can out of Gmail and Google Calendar.

Google Apps Sync for Microsoft Outlook

Google Apps Sync is a plugin for Microsoft Outlook allows you to use Outlook for email, contacts, and calendaring.  Outlook will work basically the same way it did on Exchange server, but with Google Apps as the server.

You can download Google Apps Sync here:

Google Notifier

Google Notifier is an application that sits in the toolbar on your Windows or Macintosh computer.  It offers the following features:
  • New mail notifications so you don't have to keep your browser open
  • Calendar alerts and pop-ups so you won't miss a meeting
  • It will automatically open the web browser to compose a message in gmail when you click an email address link on a web page
You can download Google Notifier here:

WiseStamp plugin for Firefox

There are several plugins for Firefox to extend Gmail's functionality.  WiseStamp allows for rich text signatures (use of fonts, graphics, & hyperlinks). 

You can download WiseStamp here:

Desktop Shortcut to Gmail Web Interface

A desktop shortcut to the web client is available on the Network Menu (top of either Start Menu or All Programs) and can be copied to your desktop.

Google Talk

Google Talk is a chat application that is available for Windows XP/Vista.  It can be configured to show a pop-up notification when you receive a new email message.

You can download Google Talk here: