Gmail Web Interface Frequently Asked Questions

Where do I set up my Signature?
Settings, General tab, Signature

Where do I set my Out of Office response?
Settings, General tab, Vacation Responder

Can I change the names of the labels that were uploaded?
Yes.  Under Settings, Labels tab, you can change the name of a label.

How can I save a message and resend when needed?

Go to Settings, Labs and enable the "Canned Response" lab and a drop down box will appear that will allow you to save frequently sent messages.

Where do I go to create a rule?
Settings, Filters tab.  You can create a rule that will automatically apply a label, archive or delete the message,mark it as read, forward to another address or reply with a canned response (if Canned Response lab is enabled), etc.

My signature is at the very bottom of the message when I reply.  How can I make it go below my message in a reply or forward?

Go to Settings, Labs and enable the "Signature Tweaks" lab.  This lab will place your signature at the bottom of your message above any other text in the reply and forward.

I need to set up a meeting.  How can I tell if the people I invite will be available?
If the people you invite are Lipscomb gmail users, you can create an event, add them as guests and click on "Check guest and resource availability" to see everyone's free/busy information on one screen.  If you have problems finding a free time for everyone, click "find next available time" link.

I want to see more than 20 conversations per page.  How can I change that?
Go to Settings, General tab and change the Maximum page size.

How do I access the address book for the University?
Gmail automatically searches the University's global address list when you begin to type a name or address into the To: field of a message. The global address list includes all active Lipscomb employees, external employees and University student email addresses as well as distribution lists.

What are "Labs"?
Labs are features that you can enable that give you the ability to customize your account.  Some are very helpful in a business setting and some are just for fun.  These features are technically experimental hence the term Labs.

How can I change the background of my gmail account to something other than white?
Go to Settings, Themes and select a theme with a color scheme you like.  Some change depending on the weather or season outside.