Gmail Transition Road Map & FAQs

I. The Faculty/Staff Transition from Microsoft Exchange server to Google Apps

During the month of July, we will be completing the integration of Google Mail with our campus resources.  The following table outlines the components involved and where we stand on each:

 Component  Description  Status
 Single Sign On
This allows users to authenticate with their network username and password.  It also synchronizes passwords with Google's servers for mobile device and Outlook access.
 Global Address Book    
Google mail supports a global address book feature like Exchange.  Currently, we are loading that via a manual process to Google's servers.  This should soon be an automated process.
 List Server   
We will be using a list server hosted on campus to provide for large email distribution lists for campus users (such as "All Faculty", "All Students", etc.)
 Public Folders    
We will be replacing Public Folders with delegated accounts which can receive and send messages from the public folder address.  This will have the same functionality as the current Public Folders. 

If additional services such as metrics on incoming email, templates, etc are needed, we can recommend a third party service that your department can purchase. 
 Account Delegation    
We plan to extend the single sign on interface to allow for account delegation.  This will allow users to selectively grant other users on campus access to their google apps account.    

Once the distribution list replacement and global address list components are completed, we plan to open up the service for general use.  At this point, you will be able to opt-in and begin the transition early if you would like.

II. Faculty/Staff Transition FAQs

Question: Will my Lipscomb email address change?

Answer: No, you will retain your email address and your email address. You will receive email sent to either address. Your is the default "Send As" address, but you can set you as your "Send As" address.

Question: Why does the Lipscomb Computer Center recommend using the Gmail Web Interface over an Email Client such as Microsoft Outlook or Entourage for Macs?

Answer: Here are some of the reasons that using the Gmail Web Interface is recommended.
  • Lipscomb Directory (i.e., Global Address Book) is available in the Gmail web interface.

  • Setting up a "Send As" address is complicated in email clients.

  • Using the Gmail web interface gives you access to items such as Google Docs, Google Sites, and Google Chat from within the same window.

  • The Gmail web interface provides strong email search capabilities.