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Making email links on websites open a new message

Directions for configuring XP to allow Mailto Links (email address links) on a website to open a new message in LU gmail

Go to My Computer & click on C:

Go to Tools on the menu and click Folder Options

Click on File Types Tab

Scroll down until you see file type of URL:MailTo Protocol

Highlight URL:Mailto Protocol and click Advanced

On the window that pops up, highlight “open” in the Actions section and click Edit button

Enter the full path to the browser you would like to use (enclosed in quotes) into the Application used to perform action field.  Our recommendation is to use Chrome and the easiest way to get the path is to right click on the desktop shortcut for the browser and choose Properties and copy the contents of the Target field.

Enter a space and the following:

The application used to perform action field should look similar to this example but on one continuous line:

"C:\Documents and Settings\username\Local Settings\Application Data\Google\Chrome \Application\chrome.exe"

Click OK

Click OK

Click Close

Once you have completed these steps, a new message box will pop up if you are already logged into your email account, or a logon page will appear if you are not already logged on.