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Gmail Tools & Features

Gmail comes with several tools & features that are unlike those in Outlook.  The Settings link at the top of your gmail page will give you the option to customize gmail to fit your needs.  The following list contains a brief description of the commonly used contents of the Settings tabs:

Getting Started with Gmail
  • General:   An Introduction video to GMail and features provided.
  • Conversation View: A Google conversation is one email or a series of emails with the same subject, presented as a single view.
  • Labels & Filters: Labels are equivalent of a folder in Outlook but the same message can have several labels for complex organization and Filters are rules by which you can automatically apply a label or execute several other actions. 
  • Searching: Searching in Gmail can be simple or advanced. This site will provide you with tips and tricks for more detailed searches.
Core Concepts of GmailAdditional Gmail Information